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Website Design & Maintenance


The look and feel of your web site determines how the world views your business


WhiteKnight Design has been building award winning website for our clients since 1998, let us build one for you!

We specialize in building and maintaining custom web sites. With our custom web design service, WhiteKnight Design focuses on customizing the whole web site's layout and design to your business and special requirements for your company. From company colors to unique layout design, the custom web site will be for your company and your company only.

Whether you are building a new website, or having a re-design of an existing site, custom web design is perfect for people that have a unique design in mind and need customized and professional web design work for their business.

See some recent examples of our work >>>

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for all the exceptional work you have done to get my site up and going!  I have already received many compliments on your work!  Great job!"
- Paula H.
Cut n Paste Memories

"Tami and her talented staff at White Knight Design possess the ability to interpret abstract ideas and make them a reality"
- Linda O.
Custom Yarns

"Feedback has been wonderful!!  EVERYONE uses the term "professional"...exactly what I want!!  ... I love it!!"
- Jane A.
  The Little Scrapbook Store

"White Knight Design made my life so much easier by taking over the design and maintenance of my site. Great service and the best prices out there, THANKS!"
- Tracey O.
  Fibers by the Yard

"Many, many thanks! You are truly incredible."
Barbara Currier
  Coldwell Banker


"I just wanted to take a few minutes out of the day and tell you how very, very pleased and happy I am that you are handling our website. I get so many compliments every day and I enjoy so much brain storming with you. I look at other competitors sites, in my field, and they cannot compare to our site."
- Shirley M.
  K-Tronik International

"thanks...and BTW did I say how nice the resources page looks and works?"
Jenny W.
 Chameleon Productions




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